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 Travel Guide for Monsters
Travel Guide for MonstersBy: Lori DegmanIllustrated by: Dave SzalayPublisher: Sleeping Bear PressPublication Date: April 2020ISBN: 978-1534110373Reviewed by: Holly ConnorsReview Date: March 13, 2020Planning to take your monster on a road trip? Then you'll want to take the new book Travel Guide for Monsters with you to learn all you'll need to know for your trip.Told in rhyme, Travel Guide for Monsters starts its cross-country trip in California and goes all the way through...
Category Children Visitor Rating (0)
 Treacherous Strand
Treacherous Strand (An Inishowen Mystery)By: Andrea CarterPublisher: Oceanview PublishingPublication Date: September 2019ISBN: 978-1608093045Reviewed by: Ellen FeldReview Date: September 2019Benedicta ‘Ben’ O’Keeffe is at it again in the second of three planned mysteries that finds her trying to prove that the death of a client was the result of murder rather than suicide, as the woman's death report indicates.Ben is a solicitor in the small (fictional) town of Glendara on the Inishowen...
Category Mystery/Thrillers Visitor Rating (0)
 True Creature
True CreatureBy: Steve ZellPublisher: Tales from Zell, Inc.Publication Date: March 2019ISBN: 978-0-9847468-6-6Reviewed by: Barbara Bamberger ScottAuthor Steve Zell has created a twisted tale that centers on vengeance, memory and the mystical powers of water in his newest book, True Creature.Set in and around Phoenix, Arizona, Zell's book intertwines a number of stories flashing forward and back in time. In 1968, Todd Worwick is running for senator. His campaign manager, Sondra, is getting more...
Category Mystery/Thrillers Visitor Rating (0)
 True Story of the Perfect 36
True Story of the Perfect 36By: Veronica R. TabaresPublisher: Sun Break PublishingPublication Date: January 2020ISBN: 978-1609160203Reviewed by: Barbara Bamberger ScottReview Date: March 2020Two daring preteen girls from the present join forces with a handsome geek from the 3000s to correct the timeline that caused their father’s death and allowed the world to be dominated by men in this lively fantasy by award-winning writer Veronica R. Tabares. The story really begins in 1920, though...
Category Science Fiction Visitor Rating (0)
 Unicorn Yoga
Unicorn YogaBy: Gina Cascone and Bryony Williams SheppardIllustrated by: Jennifer SattlerPublisher: Sleeping Bear PressPublication Date: July 2020ISBN: 978-1534111066Reviewed by: Ellen FeldReview Date: June 1, 2020Yoga is for everybody...and for every body. Thus begins the new children's book Unicorn Yoga, which introduces youngsters to yoga in a fun, and engaging way.Today our yoga class is being taught by a talented white unicorn. She has two new students, a little...
Category Children Visitor Rating (0)
 Unrelenting Peril
Unrelenting Peril (Book 3 in the Multima Trilogy of Corporate Intrigue)By: Gary D. McGuganPublisher: Gary D. McGuganPublication: April 2019ISBN: 978-1999565602Reviewed by: Diane LunsfordReview Date: April 8, 2020Gary D. McGugan pens the consummate ending to his Multima Trilogy, in the series’ third and final book, Unrelenting Peril.Surviving the latest trajectory of danger at the end of Book II, Suzanne Simpson settles into her role as CEO of the grocery chain under the Multima empire...
Category Mystery/Thrillers Visitor Rating (0)
 Vanishing in the Haight
Vanishing in the Haight (A Colleen Hayes Mystery)By: Max TomlinsonPublisher: Oceanview PublishingPublication Date: August 2019ISBN: 978-1608093410Reviewed by: Gina MontanhaReview Date: October 30, 2019It was The Summer of Love in 1967, on the dark, foggy streets of San Francisco. Eighteen-year-old Margaret Copeland, stumbling around alone while tripping on LSD, decided it was time to straighten her life out and go home to her estranged family. But while she tries to focus on locating a pay...
Category Mystery/Thrillers Visitor Rating (0)
 Versus: A Tale of Zero-Sum Contestation
VERSUS: A Tale of Zero-Sum ContestationBy: Simon PlasterPublisher: Mossik PressPublication Date: October 2020ISBN: 978-0-9994-1856-7Reviewed by: Amy LignorReview Date: November 11, 2020From BOO! to Geezers to Brokla and beyond, I can explain my continuing recommendations of this author in four simple words: I love this guy!It is not a shocker to see a review of a Simon Plaster book that includes the word “brilliant” or the phrase “the king of satire.” This...
Category Humor/Satire Visitor Rating (0)
 Very Engaging
The Holocaust Engine: A Post-Apocalyptic Pandemic ThrillerBy: Stephen Patrick and David RikePublisher: Evolved PublishingPublication date: September 2020ISBN: 978-1-62253-560-6Reviewed by Skyler BoudreauReview date: October 25, 2020The Holocaust Engine is the first novel in a trilogy by Stephen Patrick and David Rike. Set in the Florida Keys, this novel portrays the collapse of civilized society as a new disease begins to tear through the community.A key aspect to this story is...
Category Mystery/Thrillers Visitor Rating (0)
 Vestal Virgin: Chosen for Rome
Vestal Virgin: Chosen for RomeBy: Katherine Spada BastoPublisher: Painted Turtle PressPublication Date: December 2019ISBN: 978-1733390071Reviewed by: 978-1733390071Date: January 12, 2021A little girl is sold to a religious cult, grows beyond the trauma and becomes a stalwart force for true righteousness in this history-based novel by Katherine Spada Basto.Cornelia Cosa, growing up in Rome during the reign of Emperor Nero, is excited; it’s her tenth birthday. Little does she realize she has...
Category Historical Fiction Visitor Rating (0)
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