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 A Prison Without Locks
A Prison Without LocksBy: David RuggerioPublisher: Black Rose WritingPublication Date: November 2020ISBN: 978-1-68433-620-3Reviewed by: Amy LignorReview Date: November 2020As a girl who grew up in one of those so-called “quaint hamlets” out there, they have personally always brought me nightmares. Although you might think they’re lovely to live in, this book actually sums them up perfectly; from the gossip mongers to the people you know who have a secret buried and you find them at bit...
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 A Promise of Remembrance
A Promise of RemembranceBy: Harry J. KarapalidesPublisher: Cosmos Philly PublishingPublication Date: August 2012ISBN: 978-1520496146Reviewed by: Barbara Bamberger ScottReview Date: November 20, 2021 Read more about the best website, you must buy top fake breitling watches online. Fast shipping. Quality guarantee. You can place an order for cheap Audemars Piguet replica watches wholesale online.A father and son must make crucial decisions in order to save themselves and others, in this...
Category Historical Fiction Visitor Rating (0)
 A Reckoning in Brooklyn
A Reckoning in BrooklynBy: Michael O'KeefePublisher: Ingram SparkPublication Date: November 2019ISBN: B07YNY9GMSReviewed by: Barbara Bamberger ScottDate: January 25, 2020An unlikely pair of cops faced with an unsavory nest of unrepentant bad guys use their special skills to mop up the mess in New York City in the late 1970s.The place is Brooklyn, the neighborhood Bushwick, first settled by Germans, then inundated with Italians who gradually dominated the criminal life of the neighborhood. Then...
Category Memoir Visitor Rating (0)
 A Shadowed Fate
A Shadowed Fate (A Lord Byron Mystery) By: Marty AmbrosePublisher: Severn House PublishersPublication Date: March 2020ISBN: 978-0-7278-8992-8Reviewed by Diane LunsfordDate: April 14, 2020Marty Ambrose delights her audience with the second book in her Lord Byron Mystery Series trilogy: A Shadowed Fate.The year is 1873 and Clair Clairmont is still reeling from the information she learned at the end of book one. Now, more than ever, she is determined to do whatever it takes to find out...
Category Historical Fiction Visitor Rating (0)
 A Slippery Shadow
A Slippery ShadowBy: Gary D. McGuganPublication Date: March 2022ISBN: 978-1-7779049-1-3Reviewed By: Amy LignorReview Date: February 7, 2022It always sends a shot of excitement through my veins when I realize that Howard Knight is back on the scene. I mean, this is the sixth book of author Gary McGugan’s incredible suspense series and, take it from me, the action, thrills and level of espionage has not lessened one tiny bit since Book 1 arrived.Beginning in Singapore, readers (new and old)...
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 A Small Hotel
It has always been the job of history books to tell us about the major points of war - the Grand and Defining where and when and who. But who tells the stories about the in-betweens, the casual moments that could also be grand and defining? In A Small Hotel by Suanne Laqueur, we find out. Hope you find your aaa quality fake rolex watches here with less money. Shop of luxury replica watches paypal UK online.It was the summer of 1941 when 22-year-old Kennet “Nyck”...
Category Historical Fiction Visitor Rating (0)
 A Thing or Two About the Game
A Thing or Two About the GameBy: Richard PaikPublisher: Atmosphere PressPublication Date: March 2022ISBN: 978-1639882403Reviewed by: Katie SpechtReview Date: March 7, 2022From rising new author Richard Paik comes his debut work, A Thing or Two About the Game. Paik’s novel follows Brad, a smart former biotech executive who has recently lost his job. Through an interesting turn of events, Brad finds himself as the head coach of a softball team for 11- and 12-year-old girls.Brad, divorced and...
Category Fiction Visitor Rating (0)
 A Town Divided by Christmas
A Town Divided by ChristmasBy: Orson Scott CardPublisher: Blackstone PublishingPublication Date: November 2018ISBN: 978-1-5385-5685-6Reviewed by: Gina MontanhaTwo post-doctorate scientists are sent out on a grant from the University of Chicago, to conduct some interesting research in Good Shepherd, North Carolina. Drs. Delilah "Spunky" Spunk and Elyon Dewey are an unlikely pair of opposites, but each has a skill set that will positively contribute to the completion of their genetic studies.Good...
Category Fiction Visitor Rating (0)
 A Transcontinental Affair
A Transcontinental AffairBy: Jodi DaynardPublisher: Lake Union PublishingPublication Date: November 2019ISBN: 978-1542004091Reviewed by Diane LunsfordReview Date: October 1, 2019Jodi Daynard's latest novel, A Transcontinental Affair, delivers an intriguing blend of history and storyline.The story begins in 1870s Boston. The focus is the imminent departure of the Pullman Express Hotel. The train is about to embark upon its virgin coast to coast excursion. The cast of characters will make...
Category Historical Fiction Visitor Rating (0)
 A Walk Through the Wilderness
A Walk Through the Wilderness: One Man's Journey from Faith to Fundamentalism to AtheismBy: Dan CongerPublisher: Atmosphere PressPublication Date: January 2022ISBN: 978-1639882014Reviewed by: Kimberly Trix LeeReview Date: February 4, 2022Every single human has faith in something; be it a prominent deity, a social construct, or even his own self. Have you ever wondered what kind of life-changing experience it takes to fundamentally change your faith? Let’s find out in A Walk Through the...
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