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 Boo! A Chilling Tale of Too-Too #MeToo
Boo! A Chilling Tale of Too-Too #MeTooBy: Simon PlasterPublisher: Mossik PressPublication Date: September 2018ISBN: 978-0-9994-1851-2Reviewed by: Amy LignorLet us begin with the fact that if you're a fan of Halloween, this is one cover you are absolutely going to love. And that's only the half of it, considering the story is fun, suspenseful, and stars a cast that many readers have already had the good fortune to meet and fall in love with.Her name is Henrietta. She's a journalist who works for...
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 BOO! A Chilling Tale of Too-Too #MeToo by Simon Plaster
Reviewed by Douglas R. CobbBOO! by Simon Plaster, featuring a cast of some of the most idiosyncratic and humorously twisted characters this side of Oklahoma City, along with his memorable female protagonist, small town reporter turned big, Henrietta, just might be one of the author's most entertaining and LOL novels yet. In BOO!, Plaster's latest novel, the author takes satirical jabs at a variety of subjects, including sexual mores and the "Me Too" movement. It's a book that will delight...
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 Brokla: The Tale of Things Falling Apart by Simon Plaster
Brokla: A Tale of Things Falling Apart is the newest satirical, LOL book in author Simon Plaster's series of novels featuring a small-town Oklahoman reporter known as Henrietta. As with other books in the series written by Plaster, he pulls no punches and he uses the actions and comments of his humorous, larger-than life characters to target several controversial topics that have been in the news in recent months and since the election of President Donald Trump. No topic is sacred or immune...
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 Brokla: A Tale of Things Falling Apart
BROKLA: A Tale of Things Falling ApartBy: Simon PlasterPublisher: Mossik PressPublication Date: March 2019ISBN: 978-0-9994-1852-9Reviewed by: Amy LignorWe begin with the ever-vigilant-and slightly angered by the establishment when it comes to granting her a story that will win her the Pulitzer-reporter by the name of Henrietta. For those who have been reading this series, leap for joy that this amazing female protagonist is back and better than ever. For those not following Henrietta, the heck...
Category Humor/Satire Visitor Rating (0)
Okay...I’ve said it before, I will say it again. If you have not become a fan of this author by now, you have either been locked in a closet for a really long time with no access to books, or you simply haven’t been listening to me. If it’s the first reason, I’m highly sorry for your plight and I hope you find freedom soon. If it’s the latter, then you simply make bad choices.Yet again, Simon Plaster has penned a book that is a recipe of fantastic plot, great characters, wit, charm,...
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 Tracks: A Curious Tale of Who's Her Daddy? by Simon Plaster
Who is Henrietta Hebert’s biological father? An answer to the question is a conundrum that could be illuminated when Henrietta’s mother finds DNA evidence that supposedly belongs to the mystery man, and this is the impetus behind Tracks: A Curious Tale of Who’s Her Daddy? Henrietta’s mother hires a private detective, Max Morgan, to find out the truth. Max is not only an admirer of hard-boiled detective tv shows and crime novels but also an avid listener to The Fat Man, a popular...
Category Humor/Satire Visitor Rating (0)
 TRACKS: A Curious Case of Who's Her Daddy
TRACKS: A Curious Tale of Who's Her Daddy?By: Simon PlasterPublisher: Mossik PressPublication Date: March 2020ISBN: 978-0-9994185-4-3Reviewed by: Amy LignorReview Date: May 6, 2020I don’t know about you, but I miss Henrietta from small-town Henryetta, Oklahoma, when I haven’t seen her in a while. I have a fondness for not only this journalist whose ambition was once to win a Pulitzer Prize, but also for the town, itself. I was lucky enough to stay the night in Henryetta way back when and...
Category Humor/Satire Visitor Rating (0)
 TRACKS: A Curious Case of Who's Her Daddy
Today, Feathered Quill reviewer Amy Lignor is talking with Simon Plaster, author of TRACKS: A Curious Tale of Who's Her Daddy?FQ: Simon Plaster...the King of Satire...I missed Henrietta a great deal. Please tell me how the "Who’s Her Daddy premise came about; and when you decided that American Pickers would play a great part in this new book?PLASTER: Is that you behind that mask, Amy? What the hell, we’re on phone TV, thousands of miles apart. Am I in danger of catching something? I am...
Category Humor/Satire Visitor Rating (0)
 Versus: A Tale of Zero-Sum Contestation
VERSUS: A Tale of Zero-Sum ContestationBy: Simon PlasterPublisher: Mossik PressPublication Date: October 2020ISBN: 978-0-9994-1856-7Reviewed by: Amy LignorReview Date: November 11, 2020From BOO! to Geezers to Brokla and beyond, I can explain my continuing recommendations of this author in four simple words: I love this guy!It is not a shocker to see a review of a Simon Plaster book that includes the word “brilliant” or the phrase “the king of satire.” This...
Category Humor/Satire Visitor Rating (0)
 Wind: A Tragicomedic Tale of Trials and Errors
WIND: A Tragicomedic Tale of Trials & ErrorsBy: Simon PlasterPublisher: Mossik PressPublication Date: September 2019ISBN: 978-0-9994185-3-6Reviewed by: Amy LignorSimon Plaster’s bevy of tales when it comes to his girl, Henrietta Hebert from Henryetta, Oklahoma, have ascended in many readers’ minds to sit among the “best of the best.” His is humor to the most brilliant degree and, if questioned, it’s easy to state (which this reviewer has done before), that this author is the...
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