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 A Gathering of Broken Mirrors
A Gathering of Broken Mirrors: Memories of New York SurvivorsBy: Anthony E. ShawPublisher: Atmosphere PressPublication Date: November 2021ISBN: 978-1639880560Reviewed by: Barbara Bamberger ScottReview Date: September 28, 2021Stories of the varieties and vagaries of human life, some based in fact and all in enduring truth, are shared by New York City writer and thinker Anthony E. Shaw in his newest offering, A Gathering of Broken Mirrors.Shaw is of Italian and Sicilian descent, and opens this...
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 Author Interview with Jacqueline Saper
Today, Feathered Quill reviewer Ellen Feld is talking with Jacqueline Saper, author of From Miniskirt to Hijab: A Girl in Revolutionary Iran.FQ: Tell us a little about your book.SAPER: My book is a memoir about my experiences growing up in Tehran to an Iranian father and a British mother. Therefore, I have been a bridge between the East and the West since birth. My comfortable childhood and adolescence ended with the 1979 Iranian Revolution. The monarchy ended, and Iran became an Islamic...
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 Beaming Up and Getting Off
Beaming Up and Getting Off: Life Before and Beyond Star TrekBy: Walter KoenigPublisher: Jacobs Brown PressPublication Date: May 2020ISBN: 978-1733605342Reviewed by: Ellen FeldReview Date: April 7, 2020Actor, author, producer, and teacher Walter Koenig is well-known to fans of science-fiction thanks to his roles on Star Trek and Babylon 5. In 1998 he penned his memoir, Warped Factors, which no doubt delighted his fans. Now he offers an updated edition to that...
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 Breaking Open
Breaking Open: Free Love and Family Secrets from the Notebook of a Misfit WifeBy: Melinda BanksPublisher: Melinda BanksPublication Date: September 2020ISBN: 978-1087899303Reviewed by: Anita LockDate: October 22, 2020One woman “with a minivan” candidly shares how love heads in an erotic direction to save her marriage in Breaking Open: Free Love & Family Secrets from the Notebook of a Misfit Wife.Melinda Banks’ early-married, late-90s lifestyle to Pierce would be considered normal;...
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 Breaking the Cycle
Breaking the Cycle: Hope Resilience GratitudeBy: Christine Beckwith and Dr. Wendy L. WrightPublisher: 20/20 Vision PressPublication Date: September 2019ISBN: 978-1944913489Reviewed by Diane LunsfordDate: September 22, 2020Breaking the Cycle is an intimate reflection of hope, resilience and gratitude.Dr. Wendy L. Wright is a family nurse practitioner and her co-author, Christine Beckwith, is an award-winning corporate executive. This dynamic duo come together and deliver a book that truly...
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 Girls Can Be Cowboys Too!
Girls Can Be Cowboys Too!By: Rose MillerPublisher:  Dog Ear PublishingPublication Date:  August 2018ISBN: 978-1-457-6482-6Reviewed by: Diane LunsfordRose Miller delivers a great read that showcases the unsung hero 'cowgirls' of Prescott, Arizona in her latest book: Girls Can Be Cowboys Too!In 2012, Rose Miller made the move from Indiana to Prescott, Arizona, along with her husband who had just retired from his chiropractor practice, and their son Bob. Shortly after arriving in...
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 Going to Wings
Going to WingsBy: Sandra WorshamPublisher: Third Lung PressPublication Date: August 2017ISBN: 9781548828106Reviewed by: Anita LockSandra Worsham bares her soul in her moving memoir Going to Wings.Worsham opens her debut in 1975, the year she earmarks "The Telling" when she reveals to her mother the extramarital affair she had in 1969 with not a man, but a woman-Ellen, a fellow teacher. The result is devastating. Her mother's rejection compels her to cut off her relationship with Ellen and find...
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 HomoAmerican: The Secret Society
HomoAmerican: The Secret SocietyBy: Michael DanePublisher: HomoAmericanPublication Date: September 2019ASIN: B07XX8L6DJReviewed by: Risah SalazarReview Date: December 31, 2020A life worth fighting for is a life worth living, and a life worth living is a life meant to be seen.Michael Dane, born Dean Michael Kocee on September 28, 1954, wanted to live an invisible life for as long as he could remember. He thought being invisible could save one person so much trouble - you do not get bullied when...
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 Hurricane Katrina
Hurricane Katrina: One Man’s Defining Moment of ReferenceBy: Richard Alan DrummondPublished by: Page Publishing, Inc.Publication Date: August 3, 2020ISBN: 978-1-6624-0683-6Reviewed By: Amy LignorReview Date: February 13, 2021Hurricane Katrina: One Man's Defining Moment of Reference, is an emotional roller-coaster ride that will have you taking more than a few deep breaths as you move along. This comes from the fact that the author not only did an amazing job sharing his personal trauma...
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 Interview with Authors Isu Yin and Fae Yang
Today, Feathered Quill reviewer Anita Lock is talking with Isu Yin and Fae Yang, authors of Grims’ Truth Book 1: The Spinner’s Web.FQ: Which authors would you say inspired you to become writers?YIN: For me, I’d have to say Tolkien, Lovecraft, Isaac Asimov, Dean Koontz, Clive Barker, and others to be certain. YANG: This is difficult for me to answer because I didn’t originally set out to be a novelist. I aspired to be an artist, but I ended up being a better writer and it...
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