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 A Shadowed Fate
A Shadowed Fate (A Lord Byron Mystery) By: Marty AmbrosePublisher: Severn House PublishersPublication Date: March 2020ISBN: 978-0-7278-8992-8Reviewed by Diane LunsfordDate: April 14, 2020Marty Ambrose delights her audience with the second book in her Lord Byron Mystery Series trilogy: A Shadowed Fate.The year is 1873 and Clair Clairmont is still reeling from the information she learned at the end of book one. Now, more than ever, she is determined to do whatever it takes to find out...
Category Historical Fiction Visitor Rating (0)
 A Town Divided by Christmas
A Town Divided by ChristmasBy: Orson Scott CardPublisher: Blackstone PublishingPublication Date: November 2018ISBN: 978-1-5385-5685-6Reviewed by: Gina MontanhaTwo post-doctorate scientists are sent out on a grant from the University of Chicago, to conduct some interesting research in Good Shepherd, North Carolina. Drs. Delilah "Spunky" Spunk and Elyon Dewey are an unlikely pair of opposites, but each has a skill set that will positively contribute to the completion of their genetic studies.Good...
Category Fiction Visitor Rating (0)
 A Transcontinental Affair
A Transcontinental AffairBy: Jodi DaynardPublisher: Lake Union PublishingPublication Date: November 2019ISBN: 978-1542004091Reviewed by Diane LunsfordReview Date: October 1, 2019Jodi Daynard's latest novel, A Transcontinental Affair, delivers an intriguing blend of history and storyline.The story begins in 1870s Boston. The focus is the imminent departure of the Pullman Express Hotel. The train is about to embark upon its virgin coast to coast excursion. The cast of characters will make...
Category Historical Fiction Visitor Rating (0)
 A Web of Deceit
A Web of DeceitBy: Gary D. McGuganPublication Date: March 2021ISBN: 978-1-9995656-7-1Reviewed by Diane LunsfordDate: March 17, 2021Gary D. McGugan delivers the next exceptional read in his latest Multima thriller series, A Web of Deceit.It’s January 2020 in Fort Myers, Florida and Multima Corporation’s CEO, Suzanne Simpson, is the epitome of ‘no rest for the weary.’ As she wraps up her review of the previous day’s sales results for Multima Supermarkets, she’s interrupted by a...
Category Mystery/Thrillers Visitor Rating (0)
 A Wild Day at the Zoo
A Wild Day at the Zoo (Little Polyglot Adventures, Book 2)By: Victor Dias de Oliveira SantosIllustrator: Eszter MiklósPublisher: LinguaciousPublication Date: September 2020ISBN: 978-1649620439Reviewed by: Holly ConnorsReview Date: November 2020A fun day at the zoo turns into a crazy adventure full of excitement in the newest book in the “Little Polyglot Adventures” series by Victor D.O. Santos.Siblings Dylan and Isabella are super excited to be going to the zoo. It is a special day, a...
Category Children Visitor Rating (0)
 A Wish for a Christmas Fish
A Wish For A Christmas Fish: Secret Adventures Of The North PoleBy: Nancy and Eddie SullivanPublisher: Bookstand PublishingPublication Date: December 2019ISBN: 978-1634988766Reviewed by: Holly ConnorsReview Date: November 8, 2020A fish tale, in the truest sense of the word, has a town full of adorable little fish going on all sorts of adventures, ending in a twist that shows children the true meaning of Christmas.Rufus is a rather mean, grumpy fish who just loves other fish. In fact, he loves...
Category Children Visitor Rating (0)
Aldaraia (The Matthew Bishop Series - Book One)By: Burt ClinchandhillPublished by: Evolved PublishingPublication Date: October 2020ISBN: 978-1-62253608-8Reviewed by: Amy LignorReview Date: November 4, 2020I always love the introduction of a new series in the literary world. And this one...well, this one just increases my belief that new series and/or trilogies should enter the realm more often. If you are one of “me” who hears the words “adventure” and “professor” and thinks of...
Category Mystery/Thrillers Visitor Rating (0)
 All the Broken People
All the Broken PeopleBy: Amy RiversPublisher: Compathy Press, LLCPublication Date: March 2019ISBN: 978-0578425313Reviewed by: Lynette LatzkoReview Date: January 7, 2020Alice Bennett, journalist and wife to a man who appears to be wonderfully perfect, was finally able to crawl her way out of a horrifically abusive childhood, and into a well-crafted new life full of promise. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always seem to play out as planned, and Alice’s past, coupled with controlling behavior by...
Category Mystery/Thrillers Visitor Rating (0)
 Alzheimer My Love
Alzheimer My LoveBy: Sal Atlantis PhoenixPublisher: LuLu PublishingPublication Date: March 18, 2016ISBN: 978-1-4834-4725-4Reviewed by: Amy LignorMary and Joseph are a loving couple...for the most part. They have gone through strife, made mistakes, experienced joys, yet now they are living in their own separate worlds while dealing with the same tragedy.Mary has Alzheimer's, and with each new day she loses just a bit more of herself. In her own mind she sees the world from a different place. Her...
Category Fiction Visitor Rating (0)
 Alzheimer My Love
Today, Feathered Quill reviewer Amy Lignor is talking with Sal Atlantis Phoenix, author of Alzheimer My Love.FQ: Your plays are varied and take on some truly tough subjects. Is there a particular reason or event that made you focus on the subject of Alzheimer's?PHOENIX: My wife had Alzheimer's disease.FQ: You make the character of Joseph both loving and somewhat mean at the same time. One of the things some readers will love about him is that he voices his opinions in full-force to the doctor....
Category Fiction Visitor Rating (0)
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