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 Am I Black or Am I White?
Am I Black or Am I White?By: Norman WhalerIllustrated by: Jasmine MillsPublisher: Beneath Another Sky BooksPublication Date: March 2018ISBN: 978-1948131087Reviewed by: Holly ConnorsTara is a beautiful young girl with a problem - she is the product of a biracial marriage and gets teased by both white and black children. What can she do?Most of the children at Tara's school were nice to her but it seemed that there was always somebody who wanted to tease her. "Are you Black or are you White?"...
Category Children Visitor Rating (0)
 American Brush-Off
American Brush-OffBy: Max Willi FischerPublication Date: January 2020AISN: B084C377TPReviewed by: Amy LignorReview Date: September 1, 2020Readers, in this book the author has given me two things I absolutely treasure: Great characters who I want to see end up happy; and, the backdrop of WWII. Enough said? Of course not. I know all of you aren’t like me. (You silly people, you.)Lud Mueller is one of those uber-popular senior high school students who are chosen to be in at least 75% of the...
Category Teens Visitor Rating (0)
 Amish Friends Farmhouse Favorites Cookbook
Amish Friends Farmhouse Favorites CookbookBy: Wanda E. BrunstetterPublisher: Shiloh Run PressPublication Date: June 2020ISBN: 978-1-64352-467-2Reviewed by Diane LunsfordDate: September 22, 2020Amish Friends Farmhouse Favorites Cookbook is a wonderful collection of over 200 recipes for ‘Simple and Hearty Meals...’Ms. Brunstetter opens this delightful cache of recipes with a lovely introduction that pays homage to her many Amish friends, ‘My husband and I have had the pleasure of...
Category Cooking Visitor Rating (0)
 An Antidote to Violence: Evaluating the Evidence by Barry Spivack and Patricia Saunders
“An Antidote to Violence: Evaluating the Evidence” is not your casual mid-afternoon read. It is a thought-provoking and in-depth presentation of a still-controversial topic, Transcendental Meditation (TM). The authors, Barry Spivack MA and Patricia Saunders Ph.D. have created a monumental piece by critically analyzing decades worth of scientific research on the social effects of the practice. After a careful evaluation of evidence, the authors conclude that there is indeed an antidote to...
Category Religion and Spirituality Visitor Rating (0)
 An Unwanted Guest
An Unwanted GuestBy: Shari LapenaPublisher: Pamela Dorman BooksPublication Date: August 2018ISBN: 978-0525557623Reviewed by: Jennifer RearickReview Date: August 22, 2018    Mitchell's Inn in the mountains of New York is a luxury hotel. On a Friday night, with a snowstorm coming in, it is turning out to be a great place for a relaxing getaway - for a lot of people.    Gwen and Riley are two friends who attended the same journalism school. After graduating,...
Category Mystery/Thrillers Visitor Rating (0)
 Angel Mountain
Angel MountainBy: Christine SunderlandPublisher: Wipf and Stock PublishersPublication Date: April 2020ISBN: 978-1-7252-5980-5Reviewed by Diane LunsfordDate: June 17, 2020Christine Sunderland delivers a quest for peace and happiness in her latest novel, Angel Mountain.Destiny plays a vital role in the crossing of paths for each of the characters in this story. Eighty-year-old Abram is a hermit. He lives in the caves of ‘Angel Mountain’ (Mount Diablo), located in the hills of Berkeley,...
Category Fiction Visitor Rating (0)
 Angels on Overtime
Angels on Overtime: A Divine Romantic ComedyBy: Ann CrawfordPublisher: Lightscapes PublishingPublication Date: July 2018ISBN: 978-1948543200Reviewed by: Holly ConnorsDo we have guardian angels watching over us as we go about our daily lives? In this lighthearted, and at times very "deep" romantic comedy, author Ann Crawford has imagined a world of guardian angels that will stay with you long after you've read the last page.As the story opens, we meet Brooke, an angel who has requested the...
Category Religion and Spirituality Visitor Rating (0)
ApexBy: Tyler MichaelPublished by: Tyler Michael BooksPublication Date: October 2020ISBN: 978-0578781990Reviewed by: Barbara Bamberger ScottReview Date: November 29, 2020Gaming is the overarching theme behind Tyler Michael’s compelling saga, Apex,beginning with a simple camping trip and ending in international intrigue, with much blood shed along the way.Chris is a college grad trying to figure out what to do with his life, and in the meantime, he leads new campers on wilderness...
Category Mystery/Thrillers Visitor Rating (0)
 Appellatte Judge: A Jack Ludefance Novel
Appellate Judge: A Jack Ludefance NovelBy: Behcet KayaPublication Date: November 2020ISBN: 978-8564432993Reviewed by: Lynette LatzkoReview Date: January 26, 2021Crime thriller readers and fans alike, rejoice, the scar-faced Floridian, Private Investigator Jack Ludefance, has returned for the third time in the new novel by author Behcet Kaya, Appellate Judge.Fresh from a much-needed cruise vacation through the Panama Canal with his sister Margeaux, and his late father’s companion,...
Category Mystery/Thrillers Visitor Rating (0)
 April's Window
April's WindowBy: Georgina Le FlufyIllustrated by: Francisco FonsecaPublisher: Ethicool BooksPublication Date: September 2020ISBN: 978-0648872313Reviewed by: Holly ConnorsReview Date: January 5, 2021A quaint little village, full of vibrant colors, and a child's curiosity are the backdrops for the charming new children's book, April's Window.April is a little girl who is watching the world go by from her window. While we only see April from the back, in the eye-catching cover illustration,...
Category Children Visitor Rating (0)
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